Find Your Passion Through Graphology and Build Your Personal Branding | News

One of a kind collaboration between Handwriting Analysis and Personal Branding Statement.

By knowing your inner strengths as well as hidden obstacles through Graphology and then wrap it up in a unique Personal Branding Statement hopefully help you to be more fullfilling, success and happier. I hope all participants get the advantage by knowing their strengths and weaknesses to support their passion.
Searching your passion is a lifetime job because passion is something growing beautiful inch by inch inside yourself. Facing a long bumpy road which sometimes makes you lost for a while will .. definitely..enrich your life. A reflective mode or even a tiny step can mean something for your future. And what happened after you reach your destination? I believe another passion is growing again and makes your synapses (neuron conjunction in your brain) growing again.

It is an exciting project with Haloka Teams. Starting with weekly meeting forming a customize program, trial and error, rushing to finish all the reports, presented on the D-day and having the one-on-one extended session with participants.

Through Graphology or any other tools, everyone should find their passion and develop continuously & endlessly.

So G-Folks, have a wonderful journey to explore yourself.

Haloka Teams, Your Awesome !!! @haloka @halohanie @cutlakeisha @bellaalvina @alexis

@hersonijaya thanks for introducing to haloka.

Happy Weekend, G-Folks 💚.

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